Heading into week two


Happy Monday, followers. As we head in to week two of this year’s session, here are some things we’ll be looking at:

1: Oil and gas legislation in front of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee Tuesday 1/15, 7:45AM: Three of the oil and gas bills are up. So far, they look good. I’ll be there to testify in favor of these measures, and we know some members will be there as well. Should be a good committee meeting. Here is the agenda.

2: Net metering: We’re working on getting sponsors for our bill on net metering. There is still a great deal of concern and many questions, so we’ll be working hard to educate legislators and to push this forward. If you are interested in net metering, please contact your legislators today and let them know you want them to sponsor!

3: New rules in front of the Board of Minerals and Environment 1/17, 10:00AM: Rules that would require disclosure on FracFocus of any company who wants to frack in South Dakota, and rules for interim and final land reclamation by oil and gas companies are being considered by the BME. You can read them here. While we think there are serious issues with FracFocus, particularly the lack of specific information about chemicals used and how much and how the site functions, but we believe some disclosure is better than none. And we’re definitely in favor of more stringent rules regarding land reclamation on oil/gas wells. These new rules are a great step forward in landowner protections.

4: In situ leach uranium mining education: I’ll be writing more about this in the upcoming week, but we’ll be working hard to make sure legislators understand ALL the implications of uranium mining in the Black Hills. There aren’t any bills out yet, but there will be soon and we’ll be working hard to make sure the right ones get passed!

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