Support HB 1154 – Repeal the tax on food

food tax

Kim Raff | The Salt Lake Tribune, 2012.

Posted today was HB 1154: lower the state sales and use tax on certain food items and to increase the rate of taxation for the sales and use tax on certain goods and services. This bill would eliminate the regressive sales tax on food, and make it revenue neutral by offsetting the decrease in tax revenue with very small increases on sales taxes on various other items.

In 2010, Dakota Rural Action adopted a standing resolution to remove the state sales tax on food, and we whole-heartedly support this bill. Sponsored in the House by Rep. Marc Feinstein, D-Sioux Falls, the bill has bicameral, bipartisan support. It is a well-thought out piece of legislation to remove the tax on life’s most basic necessity – the food every single one of us buys to sustain ourselves and our families.

The arguments in favor of repealing a tax on food are clear. No one should be taxed on a basic necessity like food. It is a regressive tax, meaning it burdens those who spend a higher proportion of their income on food, usually lower-income families. But everyone benefits from having this tax rescinded – because everyone, rich or poor, has to buy food.

We’ll be keeping our eyes on the bill and reaching out to members and other partner organizations to get this bill through. It has been up before, so we know there are opponents, but with such sensible arguments in favor of passing the bill, we will hope for the best.



  1. I support the repeal of sales tax on food. As we all know food prices are steadily rising hence more tax is being taken just for the priviledge of sustaining our bodies. Everyone eats, eliminating this tax favors no special interests, it will help everyone except the state coffers.

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