HB 1207 – provide for net metering for certain renewable energy systems


South Dakota’s net metering bill is posted – HB 1207, to provide for net metering for certain renewable energy systems. We have worked for over a year to get this out, and we are very excited to see our proposal in bill form.

You can read the bill text by clicking the link above, and the details of our proposal are outlined in other posts on this blog. In the next few weeks we will have the opportunity to discuss our proposal in front of the South Dakota Legislature.

We believe now is the right time to pass this bill – net metering is a long time coming in South Dakota and we are ready to move forward. South Dakota has huge energy production potential, but we wont reach that potential until people are given proper compensation for the energy they produce for their neighbors and their utility.

Please thank these legislators for supporting net metering, and contact your legislators to urge their support. We will send out action alerts when we know where and when our bill will be up in committee – and we hope to see you there to get your testimony in favor of the bill!


  1. Politics plays a enormous part in renewable energy progress. And despite the fact you might not be happy with our President, you can thank his steadfastness for at least slowing down the development of fossil fuel expansion and backing green renewable energy progression.

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