HCR 1006 – Approve Keystone XL Pipeline?


The South Dakota House of Representatives voted on an interesting resolution this afternoon. House Concurrent Resolution 1006 petitions President Obama to approve the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. The resolution itself talks about job creation and decreasing our dependency on oil, and proponent speeches made on the House floor referenced Nebraska’s recent approval of the new route.

Despite disputed job creation impacts and the lack of evidence that the pipeline will do anything at all to shore up domestic supplies of oil (the answer to this depends on whether the person you are talking to is for or against the pipeline), and despite the lack of emergency response capacity and adequate bonding for the pipeline in South Dakota, 57 legislators voted for this resolution. Only 11 voted against it:

Rep. Steve Hickey
Rep. Mark Feinstein
Rep. Dean Schrempp
Rep. Scott Parsley
Rep. Peggy Gibson
Rep. Kevin Killer
Rep. Paula Hawks
Rep. Ray Ring
Rep. Troy Heinert
Rep. Karen Soli
Rep. Kathy Tyler

Despite years of work, the legislature would not approve a pipeline bond, yet they have asked Obama to approve it. While we support both job creation and energy independence, we are not convinced KXL will bring either to South Dakota. And we cannot support either at the expense of safety and the rights of landowners crossed by the pipeline. Perhaps, now that they’re lending such keen support to the pipeline, they will be more willing to require it is done right – maybe its time to bring back that bonding bill?


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