Funny Friday – a note on strange bedfellows

I thought I’d write about HB 1048 today, rather than doing a photo Friday, because something funny happened at the hearing yesterday in the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

As a small, local, sustainable family farm organization, it is rare we find ourselves on the same side of a bill as groups like the South Dakota Soybean Association. But at the hearing yesterday, as we supported the amendment to keep the farmer protection law on the books in South Dakota, I was rather surprised when their lobbyist, Lorin Pankratz, got up to voice their support as well. I’m certainly not complaining – the more the merrier, in my book.

Just goes to show, sometimes you never know who is going to show up. And its always a nice change when they show up on your side.


P.S. As a side note, HB 1048 was amended and the farmer protection law will stay. Big shout out to DRA member Pat Trask for all his work on this!


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