Take action – sign on to our 2013 Mining Summer Study open letter BY TODAY

Sometimes it takes more than one session to get something done. The Legislature seems to feel that way about the bills that came through this session regarding mining: SB 101, regarding disclosure of mining shaft locations; SB 141, fixing the issue of inadequate bonding on mines; and SBs 148, 149, and 150, shoring up South Dakota’s regulations of in situ leach uranium mines.

We believe it is time the legislature take a comprehensive look at South Dakota’s mining regulations to ensure we are taking care of our water, land, and way of life. If you would like to sign on to our letter requesting a summer study, please email Sabrina at sabrina@dakotarural.org or comment on this blog post. Our goal is to have at least 50 farms, ranches, organizations, and groups signed on to this letter by TOMORROW, February 27, because several committees are discussing summer study options as early as this Thursday. You can read the letter by clicking the link below:

2013 Mining Summer Study Request

Please sign on to this letter to ensure we don’t blunder forward without first protecting our precious resources! Email Sabrina at sabrina@dakotarural.org or leave your name in the reply box below. 



  1. Steve Thorpe says:

    I am not finding a way to sign on the mining summer study.

  2. Leaving a reply here works, Steve! We will make sure to add your name to the letter.

  3. Please add my name to the letter, as well. Elaine Noyes Plus , people I speak to want to sign, but need a prepared lettter, because of busy schedules.

  4. Karen Englehart says:

    I definitly support a mining summer study, it is a way to get input from a variety of stakeholders. The oil and gas summer study of 2012 shows how effective it can be to get meaningful, thoughtful legislation passed to the benefit of South Dakota citizens most impacted by the issue.

  5. 55ranch says:

    I definitly support a mining summer study. A summer study is a way to get input from the stakeholders, gets the committee out into the field to see the issue as the local residents see the issue. Positive results are usually the result as can be seen from the 2012 oil and gas summer study where landowners expressed their concerns resulting in meaningful legislation being passed to the benefit of SD citizens.


  1. […] and 41 votes from legislators in favor, yesterday the Executive Board denied South Dakotan’s request for a summer study on mining issues. Representatives Kathy Tyler, D-Big Stone City; and Charlie Hoffman, R-Eureka, championed the […]

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