The calm after the storm

The Four Seasons

Okay, so technically South Dakota’s 88th Legislative Session is not over. But it is most certainly in its last throes, with many small votes and a few big tickets votes left for the last couple days.

So what is the calm after the storm? This is when we sit back and try to figure out what just happened, and what happens next. DRA will be sending out a legislative wrap-up with an overview of how specific initiatives went, and with some thoughts on how a few bills will impact members as the year moves forward.

But what about beyond that? Is the legislative process just something that happens for eight weeks, once a year, not to be thought about again until the next one rolls around?

I would disagree. First, there’s our summer study push. It has had very positive reception so far, with both the House Ag and House Local Gov’t Committees voting to recommend it to the full legislature. And, we’ve been approached by Senator Billie Sutton to work with him on a food desert bill he will be bringing next year. It is a great proposal, and promises the opportunity to bring more local, sustainable food to tables across the state.

In short (I’m listening to the House floor debate right now, so its a big hard to concentrate and write a long post!), legislation is a year-long process. It doesn’t start or end here. And I think that is a very, very good thing for the people of South Dakota.



  1. Holly & Lynn says:

    Good work in manning the role of Lobbyist for DRA for the first time, Sabrina. You’ve not only met, but exceeded our expectations … proud of you. Looking forward to seeing what comes up during summer.

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