Call Secretary Lentsch and ask for Raw Milk Decision


The South Dakota Ag Department’s General Council told us Secretary Lucas Lentsch would make his decision regarding the proposed raw milk rules by today, Monday, June 24.

We need to make sure the Department knows we are watching this issue closely. Please call Secretary Lentsch this afternoon (he will not be in this morning) and ask: What did you decide to do with the burdensome proposed raw milk rules?

Phone: 605.773.5425

Secretary Lentsch has two options:
1. scrap the rules and send them back to the milk division to be re-written, or
2. send them on to the Legislative Rules Committee for a hearing.

We want the department to scrap the rules and start over – and this time, to listen to producers and consumers who are asking for clarity, not more regulation. Please call Secretary Lentsch, and let us know what he says!

“As the manager of our farmers market, I have become familiar with the burdensome and costly rules imposed by the Department of Agriculture on small scale food producers. If we are to have lively and viable local food systems, we must fight against regulations like those proposed by the Department. The proposed raw milk rules would only further stifle a community’s ability to feed themselves and prohibit an individual’s right to decide what is best for their families. This is certainly much more than a fight about the safety of raw milk, it is ultimately an issue of food freedom. Do not allow the Department of Agriculture to further erode our food rights.” Lisa Donohue, Lemmon member.

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