No decision yet on raw milk rules – but keep July 9th on your calendar

Good morning local food lovers –

Yesterday, we asked our members to call Department of Agriculture Secretary Lucas Lentsch to find out what his decision will be on the proposed raw milk rules. Though Sec. Lentsch was out of the office all day, we do have a bit more information from the Department.

Due to the overwhelming number of comments he has received, Sec. Lentsch will be taking more time to make a final decision on what to do with the rules. We do know he will not send them to the Legislative Rules Committee without amending them, so either way the proposed rules as we have them now will not be adopted. We also know the proposed raw milk rules have been placed on the July 9th Legislative Rules Committee agenda (you can read the agenda here). We were informed the rules were placed automatically on the agenda after the Ag Department hearing in June, and that they are not guaranteed to be heard that day. However, they are on the agenda and we urge you to keep July 9th open to testify.

We do not know what parts of the rules will be amended, or when we will receive the final rules. We also do not know when Sec. Lentsch will make his decision on if he will send the rules to the legislature in time for the July 9th hearing.

We will keep you informed as we receive further information. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful summer and all the delicious food-stuffs starting to pop up in gardens and farmers markets around the state!

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