Raw milk rules heading to legislature as amended

We just got word the raw milk rules have been amended and are heading to the Legislative Rules Review Committee. We’ll be working with members to review the amended rules and decide how to move forward – there are still some things we don’t like. Overall the rules are a step in the right direction, but there’s  no reason not to get it 100% right before passing these on.

You can read the amended rules here: Raw Milk Rules 2013

Here is a summary from the Department of Agriculture on the major changes:

Following a thorough review of the official record and public testimony received in conjunction with the SDDA’s proposed rules 12:81, the following amendments have been made and a final copy of the rules has been filed with the Legislative Research Council.

1) “Offer and provide” has been replaced throughout the document with the term “sale”.

2) Animal Health requirements have been eliminated

3) The requirement for two re-test samples prior to reinstatement after contamination has been changed to one re-test sample.

It is clear they only took a few of our comments into consideration. While we support strong rules that encourage public health, we’re opposed to new regulations that don’t achieve those ends. Some of those regulations remain in these rules.


  1. H WADDELL says:

    All welcome changes and some good momentum with which to continue the positive input. Great work folks. Keep your suggestions coming.

    Also, Thank You to the SDDA for taking comments into consideration. Let’s continue working together to make SD the BEST RAW MILK STATE IN THE NATION!!!

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