Raw Milk Rules Sent As-Is To Committee



Secretary of Ag Lucas Lentsch decided to send the raw milk rules as-is to the Legislative Rules Review Committee which meets on Tuesday August 20th from 8 to 12pm MDT.


None of your suggestions were incorporated!


Please attend and state your opposition to these rules at one of the following locations: Pierre, Mitchell, Sioux Falls, Yankton, Spearfish – find addresses.


The Black Hills Food Freedom Supporters are organizing a carpool from Rapid City. Please contact Gena Parkhurst at gmp66@hotmail.com if you would like to travel with them to Spearfish.


The fate of the raw milk rules will now be decided by our state legislators. Please also take action today by contacting the members of the Legislative Rules Review Committee before Tuesday, August 20th to voice your concern.

  • Representative Timothy Johns, Chair – rep.johns@state.sd.us
  • Senator Mike Vehle, Vice Chair – sen.vehle@state.sd.us
  • Senator Angie Buhl O’Donnell – sen.buhl@state.sd.us
  • Senator Jean M. Hunhoff – sen.hunhoff@state.sd.us
  • Representative Peggy Gibson – rep.gibson@state.sd.us
  • Representative Anne Hajek – rep.hajek@state.sd.us


You can use the following message to help you draft a response:

Dear Senator or Representative [Name],

I am writing you today with concern about the upcoming Legislative Rules Review Committee meeting this Tuesday, August 20 and the presentation of the raw milk rules as unchanged by the Department of Agriculture.

Considering that over a dozen people traveled to testify in July and hundreds of written comments submitted, and the Department of Agriculture did not fully consider all the concerns the concerns presented, I submit that the Dept did not fully consider all the concerns, amendments, data, opinions, or arguments per SDCL 1-26-4 (7) that states, “After the written comment period, the agency shall fully consider all amendments, data, opinions, or arguments regarding the proposed rule.”

Please take this under advisement on Tuesday, August 20 and I hope you will do due diligence in making sure the citizens recommendations are incorporated.

[Your Name]
[Your City]


Thanks for your support of our raw milk family farmers!


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