Permit hearings – day two

Today, “B” intervenors are giving their testimony. It has already become clear Powertech’s attorney is doing his best to shut out anything and everything possible brought by intervenors. The hearing chair, Rex Hagg, is allowing most testimony, and will reserve judgement on what is “allowed” as evidence until later.

The hall is a little less crowded today – people have jobs, after all, and giving up a month as will be required throughout this process is impossible for most. You can, however, listen online to the permit hearings here:

Unfortunately, you are not able to listen live, but the audio does appear to be posted at the end of the day.

And again, as I write, Dayton O. Hyde rolled in – he is a wonderful sight for eyes sore with the sight of our opponents. Keep the faith, folks – we will prevail.


  1. Thanks for posting the hearing audio link!

  2. floretta threadgill says:

    Good ideas – I Appreciate the details , Does anyone know if I would be able to get ahold of a sample CA SI-200 form to fill in ?

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