Powertech hearing day 3 – reflections of a citizen intervenor

Good morning readers! We are (again) at the Ramkota, this morning listening to the cross examination of Powertech’s first witness, Project Manager and Lobbyist Mark Hollenbeck. Powertech will continue bringing witnesses throughout the week – it promises to be very educational.

Today, I have a reflection from Dakota Rural Action member Juli Ames-Curtis, who traveled to Pierre last legislative session to support our uranium bills, and who testified yesterday in this hearing. Her thoughts are below – enjoy, and don’t forget, you can hear her testimony (and others) online!

“Oh, I am SO glad it is over!  I felt confident that I had done my homework and read the correct sources.  Still was a bit (I guess more than a bit) unnerving to have all of the attorney’s surrounding you in the back and looking at the mining board in front of you. Then I reminded myself that I had a great team holding good space for me.  Really, I could not have done this without the support of my friends from Dakota Rural Action and Black Hills Clean Water Alliance!  As I started reading it took me a while for my voice to get strong, yet my yogic breathing came in handy.  And thanks to great advice from my friend Penny Knuckles in the morning I was able to be (fairly) calm and stand my ground during cross examination.”

-Juli Ames-Curtis, DRA member and citizen intervenor



  1. Kate Adams says:

    Thanks Julie, so much to researching, writing, speaking, standing tall and strong for us all and the earth’s protection. I learned a lot from your presentation and am sharing the knowledge with others. Thanks, Kate Adams

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