Raw milk (over)regulations: third time’s the charm?


After losing in front of the Legislative Rules Review Committee, the SD Department of Agriculture is proposing their rules again – and they’re the exact same rules. So, yet again, the Department needs comments on the proposed raw milk rules, which you can read (again) here

We believe in adequate regulations for direct-to-consumer raw milk sales, and these rules don’t fit the bill. We have also seen how confusing the law is regarding raw milk, and we believe the Department needs to wait to pass rules until after the law is clarified.

You and many other South Dakotans have already made their voices heard on this issue. Now we need to make sure the Department knows citizens are fed up. DRA member leaders will be submitting all the previous comments sent to the Department for this rules hearing, so they can’t ignore what South Dakotans have already said about these rules.

And, for the third (and hopefully final) time, we are asking you to send a comment to the SD Department of Agriculture at agmail@state.sd.us. They need to know they have to listen to their citizens – not just wear them down through hearing after hearing. A sample comment is below.


Dear Secretary Lentsch,

I am disappointed to see the Department of Agriculture is proposing the same set of rules, rules which have already been shown to be burdensome and over regulatory of the raw milk industry in this state. Producers are limited to direct-to-consumer sales, and consumers are limited in where and when they can purchase raw milk.

Raw milk producers are already subject to licensing, permitting, and labeling laws. And citizens have already commented on these rules, outlining very specifically what the issues are.

Please take the comments already submitted to the Department into consideration, and do not pass these rules on to the legislature for review. I want to encourage you to work with producers and consumers to draft legislation to fix the current law, and then again work with producers and consumers to write rules which will benefit the raw milk industry, not harm it.

Thank you,
[your name]


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