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The Community Energy Development Committee is crowdfunding – and we need your help!

We are running a fundraising campaign on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo.com. Crowdfunding basically allows us to run a fundraising campaign to get money for our Energy Fairness Initiative from people all over the country, but we need member support as well to get the campaign more visible on the Indiegogo.com website. Visit Campaign Page.

We need YOU to do three things:

1. Donate to the campaign – every little bit helps! This is a great, easy way to support your fellow members in their campaign to increase South Dakota’s renewable energy portfolio through fair prices for small energy producers.

2. Forward this email to your friends! The great thing about crowdfunding is, the money doesn’t just have to come from DRA members. Your family, friends, and supporters can help from anywhere in the country – or in the world, for that matter. By sending this email on to your email contacts, you could increase our reach far beyond our borders!

3. Leave a comment on the campaign website, saying you support the Energy Fairness Initiative!

Part of how we’re going to reach our goal is to increase our GoGo Factor, something the Indiegogo.com website uses to determine who they’ll host on their front page, and who they’ll help promote. It’s like a snowball – the more supporters and comments we get, the more Indiegogo promotes our campaign, and the more supporters and funding we’ll get.

And it starts with you – our members and supporters. So please donate and comment now, and let’s get small scale renewable energy going in South Dakota!

Thank you!
Your Team at Dakota Rural Action

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