Water Rights, Day Two

First, as a note, you can listen to the hearing recording here, and it will be posted at the end of each day: http://denr.sd.gov/powertech_wmb.aspx#Audio1

We continue with “B” invervenors today, people who want to make statements under oath and who can be cross-examined, but who are not “A” full party intervenors who will make a full case. Because for this permit hearing all “A” intervenors can cross examine “B” intervenors, this process is taking a surprising amount of time.

I have to give credit to Everett Hoyt who just reamed Powertech lawyer Max Main who has been “lawyering” B invervenors the entire morning. Mr. Hoyt expressed his desire to see the public be able to give their testimony in the way they know best how, that people are citizens and amateurs who are trying to make their case. It was the exact appropriate response to having citizens interrupted every five seconds, having every single question objected to. I cannot express how much I appreciate this – citizens have the right to speak and make their case without being shut down by Powertech’s lawyer.

Max Main responded he has been “trying to keep it under control some.” Problem is, that’s not his job. His job isn’t to keep the hearing under control. That is the role of the board. And they did just that, just now.

Keep the faith, folks, and we’ll see you all tomorrow.


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