Countdown to Pierre – Distributed Generation, Energy for the 21st Century

South Dakota is one of only a handful of states without fair, marketplace standards set in place to reimburse people for the clean, renewable energy they produce and send back to their utility company or electric cooperative. South Dakota has the potential to lead the country in distributed generation electricity, but our policies just don’t support it.

We need new state standards set to provide energy fairness for all, to create a thriving market for renewable energy in South Dakota, and to make renewables accessible and affordable for homeowners, farmers, ranchers, small businesses and communities throughout the state.  The time for this action is now.

 -Barb Sogn-Frank, Sioux Falls resident and Dakota Rural Action member

Distributed generation (DG) is just plain smart. DG is when you have individuals or small communities generating power all across the electric grid. Rather than centralized coal-fired power plants or wind farms, which require miles of transmission lines and infrastructure support, DG allows people to generate electricity close to home, and to sell their excess to their neighbors.

South Dakota is prime for a strong system of DG. It builds resilience, encourages local economies, and is far more considerate of the environment than the current electric system.

So it’s definitely time that South Dakota move into the modern age and legislate a fair price for the electricity that homeowners sell back to the grid.  It only makes sense – the electricity that renewables generate is just as good as any other, AND we won’t be producing more CO2, so why should people like me be discouraged from helping out with power generation?  The state of South Dakota needs to get over its love affair with corporate interests and act like the future matters.

-Andy Johnson, Spearfish resident and DRA member

We are bringing legislation this year to do just that – bring us into the modern age and promote local energy production. We have the technology and the ability. Do we have the political will?

If you want to learn more, join us this Wednesday for a webinar about DG and our work in Pierre:

Distributed Generation: What the HECK is that, and why is it good for South Dakota?
Hosted by Dakota Rural Action and the South Dakota Energy Fairness Initiative

Wednesday, January 8, 3:00CT/2:00MT

You’ve heard us talking about distributed generation. But do you wonder what that really is, and why we’re pushing for it at the legislature? On Wednesday, January 8, at 3:00CT/2:00MT, join Dakota Rural Action’s lobbyist Sabrina King, members Don Kelley and Andy Johnson, and Environmental Law and Policy Center’s Brad Kline, and we’ll hopefully answer all your questions. The webinar will last 45 minutes and we will stay on after to chat if there is anything you want to ask.

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