The work of the people

Today and tomorrow, DRA members are here in Pierre! It is astounding how much people can get done, and how much good can actually happen, when it is citizens talking to decision makers. Direct democracy, holding decision makers accountable, and helping those decision makers make the RIGHT decisions – this is why what we do is so essential. Some of the conversations going on here in Pierre literally would not be happening if the people of South Dakota had not stepped up and made their voices heard.

Case in point, how uranium affects tourism. We made our voices heard loud and clear – and the Capitol Journal agreed. Uranium mining is bad for tourism, and a paltry few million dollars in severance tax is a poor tradeoff for $1.9 billion from people visiting this beautiful state.

Today, we presented our petition. Tomorrow, we’ll protect our water. And always, we’ll be right here.

Doing the work of the people.

TourismDakota Rural Action members and Concerned Citizens for the Southern Black Hills presented to the Secretary of Tourism at the Ramkota



  1. Great job everyone! Together Everyone Accomplishes More…TEAM!!

  2. Angie Baldwin says:

    Thanks to everyone who made the trip to Pierre! We need to be an example of direct democracy the rest will follow, POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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