Senator Tim Johnson on the Farm Bill

Senator Tim Johnson is on record on the Farm Bill – here are his words from yesterday:

This conference report certainly is not perfect. As with any legislation that is this important and far-reaching, it is impossible to fully satisfy everybody. But this is a reasonable compromise.

Our ranchers will benefit significantly from this bill. Not only does this compromise enable country-of-origin labeling to continue as well as maintain USDA’s ability to ensure a fair and transparent
marketplace, but it also contains critical livestock disaster assistance programs to help ranchers in my State who are still recovering from the 2012 drought and last year’s terrible blizzard. My ranchers lost tens of thousands of livestock, and they have been left hanging because of congressional inaction. With passage, they will finally be able to get the aid they need.

A great statement from someone who clearly understands how directly the Farm Bill impacts farmers and ranchers in South Dakota. There is always time to thank someone for their support:


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