HCR 1025 Ground Water Resolution Vote – YES 36, no 30

HCR 1025 was up today, reaffirming how valuable our ground water really is here in South Dakota. It is a resolution which actually directly impacts South Dakotans and our quality of life – because water IS life.

Rep. Heinert, who brought the resolution, spoke in favor of the resolution first in Lakota, and then in English. “Today is State and Tribal Relations Day. I ask that you support this resolution and with every changing technology and realize we will need to revisit our statutes as it comes to clean water in the coming years. We don’t get a do-over when it comes to our ground water. I leave you with two words, mni wichoni, water is life.”

Rep. Hoffman spoke against it. Rep. Hickey spoke for it. Rep. Verchio spoke against it. Rep. Craig spoke for it. Rep. Solum spoke against it. And Rep. Heinert again spoke for it.


We have, in this legislative session, had to put through a policy looking at what happens when there is no more water that can be allocated from an aquifer. We should be looking at what we do before we get to that point. That bill, House Bill 1015, went through the House on consent calendar. We can make the same commitment to our ground water now.

California is looking down the barrel of a gun because they are in a period of massive drought and have not managed their water resources. South Dakota can avoid the same problem by valuing our water and managing it properly.

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