Raw milk update!

From Raw Milk Defender and DRA champ, Gena Parkhurst:

“Our first raw milk workgroup meeting in Rapid City went much better than we anticipated!  After four hours of productive discussion, all parties present had a much better sense of what issues need to be addressed.

Attendees included:  Lucas Lentsch, South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture, Scott Schelske, inspector at South Dakota Dept of Agriculture, Ty Littau, Ag Development Representative at South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Taya Runyan , Legal Counsel at South Dakota Department of Agriculture, Joan Hagerfeld-Baker, Instructor and Food Safety Specialist at SDSU Brookings, Roger Scheibe, Executive Director of South Dakota Dairy Producers, Dawn Habeck, former raw milk farmer, Lila Streff, current raw goats milk farmer, Sen. Phil Jensen R-Rapid City, Rep. Jacqueline Sly R-Rapid City, Sabrina King Dakota Rural Action (DRA) organizer/lobbyist, Frank DiCesare, DRA Black Hills Chapter Chair, and me, Gena Parkurst, DRA Black Hills Chapter Vice Chair and by teleconference the following attended:  Tim Eisenbeis, raw milk farmer, Trever Gilkerson, raw and pasteurized milk farmer, and Holly Waddell, DRA member.

It was agreed to hold the next workgroup meeting near Marion, SD raw milk farm Happy Grazing Dairy owned by Tim Eisenbeis.  The group will take a tour of the farm, and meet at a facility nearby.

The meeting in July will focus on the specifics of what members would like to see in terms of changes to existing raw milk regulations and/or statutes.  This is an exciting chance to make our arguments in a setting conducive to productive dialogue.  This is a refreshing change from the usual hearings where interaction is not allowed.

The bottomline:  lots of today’s health conscious consumers want raw milk, and in this country, the customer is always right.”

Check out the photos from our Raw Milk Celebration Party in April – click here!

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