Action Alert: One More Call on HB1069



Republicans in Pierre are trying to ram through HB 1069 before the week is out. This bill is a repeal of Initiated Measure 22, the voter-approved anti-corruption and government accountability act.

This morning, despite the fact that some members of the committee have potential conflicts of interest due to their involvement in a personal lawsuit against IM 22, HB 1069 passed the Senate State Affairs Committee along party lines with none recusing themselves.

Because the bill contains an emergency clause, it cannot be referred by the voters. HOWEVER, the emergency clause also requires the bill to have a two-thirds vote to pass on the Senate floor.

We need more calls NOW to peel off votes from that majority.
Call the Senate lobby and tell your senator to VOTE NO on House Bill 1069, and “fix, don’t nix” Initiated Measure 22.
Senate Lobby Number: (605) 773-3821

If you can’t call, e-mail your Senator. Find your Senator’s e-mail at this website:

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