Legislative Update

IM 22 Repealed


Senator Troy Heinert (D-Mission) stands in opposition to the repeal.

Despite hundreds of calls and e-mails, a packed Senate Gallery, and even a “Shame On You! Respect Our Vote!” banner flying over the Capitol building, HB 1069, a repeal of the voter-approved anti-corruption passed on the Senate floor. Voting against the repeal were Democratic Senators Sutton, Heinert, Frerichs, Kennedy, Killer, and Nesiba, along with Republican Senators Nelson and Russell.


The Senate Gallery fills up with citizens for the IM22 repeal vote, many wearing yellow shirts emblazoned with, “Respect Our Vote!”

SB67 Withdrawn

Thanks to massive citizen outcry, SB 67, a measure to dramatically increase the number of signatures needed to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot, was withdrawn by its sponsor (Jeff Partridge R-Rapid City). DRA members, lobbyist, and many other citizens and groups were on hand to testify, but thankfully this was one battle we didn’t have to fight.

SB 66 Governor’s Buffer Bill

The bill to establish an incentive program for riparian buffer strips passed out of committee on a unanimous vote Thursday morning. Several farm and conservation groups (including DRA) testified in support of the bill, with some comments on possible future changes. There was no opposing testimony, though there was an amendment by Senators Klumb and Frerichs to reduce the minimum mowing height to 4” from 6”.

COOL Legislation & Midwife Bill

South Dakota Stockgrowers Country of Origin Labeling bill (SB135) is out, though not yet scheduled for committee. Read the bill here, and let us know if you have questions or might be interested in testifying when it is scheduled.

Also of interest to our members, SB136, allowing for the licensure of Certified Professional Midwives, has been referred to Senate Health & Human Service Committee.



  1. Should it be said that according to the Huffington Post, Thune and Rounds took money from Besty DeVos, the almost noe, Secretary of State. What is going on in our State? I have no trust left that all will be well for all of our people.

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