ACTION ALERT: Protect Your Right to Appeal CAFO Siting Decisions


HB 1187 may have dire implications for those fighting CAFO sitings and other unwanted developments that negatively impact family farms, homes, and communities. It was scheduled today, and is being heard in the House Local Government Committee TOMORROW (Thursday, 2/16) at 10am in Room 414 at the Capitol.

As DRA member Kathy Tyler states in her upcoming testimony: “Citizens want a voice in how their neighborhoods are run, this bill puts the final nail in the coffin of that voice. HB1187 takes away any and all local control of how conditional use permits are handled. If a county or city wants to have public input, maybe even wants to offer the ability to refer a conditional use permit, they will not be able to do so with this bill.”

This is a VERY dangerous piece of legislation for those who value local control, and it needs to be stopped. Contact the members of the House Local Government Committee TODAY.

House Local Government Committee Members
(click on the name for contact information)
** indicates the Representative is also a sponsor of the bill

Conzet, Kristin, Chair
Greenfield, Lana
Jamison, Greg
**Kettwig, Jason
Marty, Sam
**Otten, Herman
Reed, Tim
Schoenfish, Kyle
Smith, Jamie
Soli, Karen
**Tulson, Burt , Vice Chair
**Turbiville, Charles
York, Nancy

As always, we welcome Dakota Rural Action members to come and testify in person.
Please let us know if you are planning to attend this important hearing.

Rebecca Terk
DRA Lobbyist in Pierre
(605) 697-5204 x260


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