Robin Bagley

A native South Dakotan, I’ve lived in Custer for 10 years. After working in marketing and nonprofits for years, I started my own marketing and communications business this year. I would call it a “firm,” but my only employee is my dog. I also do some outdoor and travel writing on the side.

As an avid outdoorswoman, I spend as much time outside as possible, hiking, kayaking, camping, running, etc. If you meet me on the trails in the Black Hills, I’ll probably have a Band-Aid or a granola bar should you need one. I have a killer salsa recipe, and enjoy gardening when my produce doesn’t get hailed out.

I attended Black Hills State University for Spanish and Mass Communications, and later received my master’s from the University of South Dakota in Public Administration. After following the legislature for years, I’m excited to blog about it this year.


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