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-You can stream KSDJ live on your phone, tablet, or smart TV via the free TuneIn App

-Download it from the web right HERE every week; we’ll put up the episodes every Friday morning

-Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and get every episode instantly downloaded to your phone! Just search for “Dakota Rural Voices” and subscribe

2016 EPISODE 7: The Legal Case Against HB 1140


2016 EPISODE 6: Charlie Johnson and the Future of Farming


2016 EPISODE 5: HB 1008 and Transgender Student Rights: From the Perspective of a School Board Member


2016 EPISODE 4: Sun Power! Solar in South Dakota in 2016


2016 EPISODE 3: Get Off the Road, Cyclists! Just Kidding – You Can Stay.


2016 EPISODE 2: Legalizing Hemp, with Senator Troy Heinert and Farmer Danny Dyck

2016 EPISODE 1: What Is the State of South Dakota? People and Politics in Pierre in 2016


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